Reflections from a Post-Pandemic Tour

By Roberta Forster

    Scorpions visited Brazil in 2019 for a long stay, culminating in an epic show at Rock in Rio. What followed afterward, unfortunately, we all know. For a long time, I believed that things would never return to normal, that I would never have the opportunity to travel again, and that could have been my last encounter with Scorpions. Each of us faced our battles, some dealt with loss, and many found themselves immersed in the darkness of the abyss in which the world, especially Brazil, seemed to sink.

    Months passed, and improvements seemed scarce. Vaccines emerged, years went by, and life finally began to reorganize itself. Things didn't actually go back to normal. They didn't necessarily get worse or better; they just became different. It was no longer possible to be the same person after 2020. Society could no longer be the same after the pandemic. Whether for better or worse, no one emerged unscathed from this period.

    After four years without visiting my family living abroad, I finally managed to travel again. Reconnecting with them and recovering from the losses and breakups of previous years, I also ended up spending all the savings I had set aside for this trip. And then, Scorpions announced their return to Brazil, scheduled for April, just two months after my return. How would I have time to financially plan for this tour? I was certain I could only go to the show in São Paulo. However, as the dates drew closer, somehow I managed to fit everything into my budget, although I faced a bit of recklessness and existential crises along with Pati and David, who were also fighting their own battles. There were moments when I almost gave up. My trip to Ribeirão Preto was decided less than a week before. Everything was paid in installments on my credit card.

    But it was worth every penny spent, every sleepless night. It was a different experience. I am no longer the same person, just like all of us; the world is no longer the same, and neither are they. They have aged, and so have we. When I discovered Scorpions, I was 24 years old, just like Larissa is today, joining the Scorpions Brazil team. Now, approaching 40, my energy is not the same, we have grown, and responsibilities have changed. However, new fans continue to emerge, and Scorpions Brazil continues to exist. It's like a renewed energy every year. And the legacy remains because it is immortal as it lives on from generation to generation.

    Nothing will be as it was before, neither them nor us. Amidst so many transformations, the only thing that remains constant is the reciprocal love between the band and their fans. This special and mutual connection is perceived not only through music, but also on stage, where fans feel the band's care and dedication in every performance. Every gesture on stage, such as a pointed finger or a blown kiss, moves the fan, as for a split second they know they were noticed in the crowd. This exchange of energy and emotions is what makes Scorpions' performances so memorable and unique. The love for the band continues to unite generations and build bridges between continents, as music knows no borders and neither do the friendships it creates. Bring on more, as we will always be ready to experience every unforgettable moment provided by this rock legend called Scorpions.